About Me

I am the Bartlett Fellow for Access to Knowledge at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. My research examines the history of telecommunications and contemporary mobile phone usage, the social and legal implications of mass mobile telephony, and the unanticipated consequences of network development. Regionally, I am interested in India, China and other developing economies, and in the United States. I tweet at @colinagur.

At the International Communication Association (ICA), I am the Vice Chair for the Mobile Communication Interest Group. I am working with with Veronika Karnowski (Chair) and Thilo von Pape (Secretary) to strengthen the mobile communications scholarly community at ICA. At this year’s ICA annual meeting in Fukuoka, the Mobile Communication Interest Group will run three types of academic gatherings: (1) a pre-conference with seven blue-sky workshops, (2) a doctoral consortium in cooperation with the Communication and Technology Division, and (3) sessions during the main ICA conference.

This summer I will be moving to Minneapolis-St Paul, to join the faculty at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication. These are exciting times for the school:  I am one of four new tenure-track hires at the SJMC in 2016-17. I am looking forward to teaching two exciting courses in the coming year (Digital Games, Sims and Apps: Storytelling, Play and Commerce and Economics of New Media), continuing my research on mobile communication, and living in a city with a rich tradition in public and private mass media.

Before starting my postdoctoral work, I completed a PhD in Communications at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. My dissertation examined mobile phone networks in India, identifying intended and unanticipated consequences of the rapid network development that has taken place in recent years. I have recently published some of my dissertation findings in Media, Culture, and Society and other places (see my publications page for details).


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